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T5K Motorworks

CLOAK 1.0 Billet Aluminum Face Plate with integrated turn signals

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Finish Type
LED Turn Signal Color


RAW = For People who want to Paint or Powder Coat themselves 

Polished = Mirror Like Finish 

Matte Black = Matt Black Powder Coat Finish 

 These only fit the Honda Ruckus

You will need an LED flasher Relay to make these turn signals work.

The factory Honda flasher relay is not capable of running low current devices.

If you are running stock headlights and flashers… an LED flasher relay is required.

If you have not upgraded to an LED flasher relay, the lights will not work.


The wires from the faceplate can be routed through the top vent on the face of the battery box.

No holes or drilling is required.


Faceplate Led Turn Signals

Yellow Wire = power wire (turn signal)

Black wire = ground wire

Red = Optional


Factory turn signal wiring diagram from Honda

Left Face plate blinker (Yellow wire) goes to Honda turn signal wire color Orange

Right Face plate blinker (Yellow wire) goes to Honda turn signal wire color Light Blue.

The two black grounds can be tied together and get wired into the stock ground or a point on the frame.